Baked Free

OK, so this is going to be awkward.

I don’t have any cookies to share with you today.

Or cake.

Or brownies.

Or any type of baked good.

What. The. Eff.

Full disclosure? I haven’t been baking because my brother is getting married in 9 weeks (!) and I need to be an adult and save my money for things like a bridal shower, and gifts, and hair, and make-up, and bachelorette party things. (holla)

Full disclosure? I miss the heck out of this blog and writing to you guys.

So yes. I really haven’t been baking. Well, kind of. I keep getting urges to, and I keep making chewy chocolate chip cookies because I always have those ingredients on hand. So to fill the void, these cookies have become my life.

And this is becoming a problem.

Because now all I want to consume my life with is smashing my face into as many chewy chocolate chip cookies that is physically (and not physically) possible.

And I am obsessed with this:

And this:

But yes, I wanted to know let you all know I’m still here. I may have died a little during this whole NFL playoff season, but I’m here. One thing I learned during my Giants playoff run? I CANNOT watch games by myself. I’m a mess. I jump up and down screaming at the TV and during tense moments I’m literally shaking with nervousness.  I can’t handle myself. But I’m glad the Giants are enjoying my freakouts and are now going to the Super Bowl.

Our Super Bowl party is going to be so fun! Help.

Alrighty now.

Here is sushi in the shape of a snowball.

Mind = Blown.


I’ll be back… (non-Terminator voice.)

(OK..TOTALLY Terminator voice)

…with cookies.


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