Blind Baking

I feel like starting a blog is weird. It’s like that first blind date where you have no idea what to say in the beginning and you’re not sure you can get through the fist 5 minutes let alone think that there could ever be a second date.

But here we are. You and me. On our first date.

It may be awkward at first, but it’ll get better. Want to know how it’ll get better? I have cupcakes. And cookies. And cakes.

And if you can manage to sit here with me, mindlessly looking around your office, or home (or wherever you are) to avoid looking me in the eyes because this is so awkward then we’ll be fine. More than fine. See? We’re already past the first awkward introduction part.

I see a second date in our future. I’ll bring the desserts. You can bring the beer.


3 thoughts on “Blind Baking

  1. This is the best first date I ever had. Can’t wait to reach first base (haha)! I’m imagining something chocolately and sumptuous…

  2. Your writing is beautiful! You already have me hooked! Can’t wait to see what you are going to bake/write about next!

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